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Hello DI (Dagens Industri)

My nominees to the famous price are the following – Johan Carlström and Jörgen Lantto FPC

I have followed many famous Swedish companies trough years, but rarely seen such formiddabel leaders as the two above mentioned.
We in Denmark are envious at you Sweedes, having such exstremely capable leaders.

The reasons though – for nomineeing the two FPC leaders, is first and foremost the unusual work JC and Lantto has done for solving the World´s IT/ID security problems – and helping bringing back the public confidence to the huge financial – as well as the whole electronic communication sector, – and hopefully bringing security to a much greater level in the coming years – this also valid for you and me – we the average users as well as the entire public and private services all over the World. The security/ID-problems are riding the financial sector and all worldvide communication as a nightmare, but seemingly – partly thanks to FPC, it may now perhaps be solved for the future, due to the technological inventions made – and marketed by FPC in very large scale worldwide.

Of course FPC cannot alone master the huge security-problems, but its contributions for solving the problems so far are especially distinguishing and honour full, and should be acknowledged by the public Swedish medias and the entire Swedish nation more than anyone or any organisation elsewhere in Sweden – this year in private or public.

It is therefore sad to observe how the company has been mistreated by parts of the Swedish medias in a very unpleasant manipulating way

– which are not understandable for any neutral observer outside your country. – In the meantime, the case ongoing against Carlström suspected for unlawful trading, of course have been to serious concern and considerations for the outside society and the sharemarket about FPC. This however should not cover up for the fantastic contributions for making a safer World – JC as a single person has made during the later years – not to forget the present CEO Jörgen Lantto, who are unsusually sympathetic, careful and humble. – Such personal human qualifications are rarely seen within the business branch – and he is top qualified as leder with an outstanding insight into the technological world of ID-solutions and the practical development of them.

The two persons, in my opinion, are the two most energetic visionaries, and powerful entrepreneurs amongst all present Swedish leaders, whatever talking of business or politics in general.

Best regards
yours faithfully

Arne Jørgensen